"We send over 10,000,000 sheets a year to C&J Graphics for embossing, foil stamping and steel rule die cutting. They are an outstanding company to work with. They are leaders in quality and service."








to C&J Graphics, Inc. We are one of the largest and finest finishing houses on the East Coast, providing foil stamping and embossing, uv coating & film lamination, die cutting, gluing and other finishing services to the printing industry. This site includes information about our capabilities, specifications of different processes, a list of our equipment as well as an online quote form. If we can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us. And remember, we welcome visitors to our plant in Baltimore, Maryland.

James T. Snyder, Jr.

C&J Graphics, Inc. Offers

One day estimating/ same day before 3pm Volume pricing
Research & development department Pick up and delivery
Deliver: "Rush", "On-Time", "Just-In-Time"
Small/ large press capacity

Total Quality Management (TQM)

Our mission is to provide the best product quality to our customers at a lower price. This philosophy and our set of guiding principles lead us to continuously improving our organization and processes. Our customer service manager is always quantitatively measuring our quality standards to insure we consistently producing the best jobs possible. Total quality management is the responsibility of everyone in our company. Our quality control team was established to help define the culture of our organization. Our core values include such principles as customer-driven quality, continuous improvement, employee participation, and fast response. As well, the quality control team has established quality statements that include a vision, mission, and quality policy statements. C&J Graphics is dedicated to delighting our customers by meeting or exceeding our customer expectations. It means not only understanding present customer needs but also anticipating customer's future needs.

C&J Graphics Six Customer Focus Goals:

1. High quality level.
2. High flexibility to change such things as volume, specifications, and delivery.
3. High service level.
4. Short lead times.
5. Low variability in meeting targets.
6. Competitive Pricing

We understand that when the work arrives at our door it is often already "on fire". We pride ourselves on being able to run our customer's work at high speed around the clock while still maintaining the highest level of quality.

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